In 2012 I was invited by Yaroslav Amelin, the curator of The Gallery of Classical Photography in Moscow to present a collection that would reflect upon the medium aspect of photographic art. I choose to base my research on something obvious. When we think of an image we imagine usually a rectangular frame. Why does this happen? The camera lens is round and should give us a circular image. Here in lies, in technical terms, an invisible limitation which is also translated culturally into a limitation of our imagination. To un-mask it, I used a large-format camera with lens of small covering power and began shooting. What I gained were circular images that gently receded into darkness at the edges. It was like showing the boundaries of the visible, the limits of it, which is a lens coverage limit, but if we think in general, it is also our human limited vision. There is a positive sense of limit in photography when you make it visible, or putting it differently, photography reveals itself as an art when it shows its limits.