In 2010, Irina Meglinskaya curated for Triumph Gallery in Moscow an exhibition with twenty-three photographs from the infrared cycle and nine from the platinum print series. It was on this occasion that I reflected on my concern to show invisible dimensions through photographic experiments. Light is an important element in this direction. With the infrared series I have tried to deal with the dimension of light, but a quality of light that our eyes physiologically are not capable of perceiving: the infrared specter. To do this, I used panoramic camera with special wide-format efke 820ir film and opaque infrared filters. You see the world almost the same, but already different: the sky is black, the trees are white, and the people are semi-transparent, wrapped in a spectral dimension. Through this technique the sight gains reflective capacities, what we call our world is translated in a luminescent material that reflects about the relativity and unstable conditionality of our perceptions.