Exhibition Dates: December 7th, 2016 – January 7th, 2017

The upright lace of Venetian façades is the best line time-alias-water has left on terra firma anywhere. […] It is as though space, cognizant – here more than anyplace else – of its inferiority to time, answers it with the only property time doesn’t possess: with beauty. And that’s why water takes this answer, twists it, wallops and shreds it, but ultimately carries it by and large intact off into the Adriatic.

Iosif Brodskij, Watermark


This project is about a four-dimensional Venice that you can bring home with you. These windows are some kind of magical devices that can connect people with the Serenissima from everywhere.

Revazov’s intention is to create a virtual but strong bond that would grasp beauty and take hold of it with hands, body and soul.

Venice is a visual metaphor of beauty. To reveal the metaphor, this artistic project binds together the traditional art of Venetian craftsmen in designing windows – between Gothic and Byzantine styles – and the photographic art of Revazov which is in a way similar to the work of an artisan.

This doesn’t mean that Revazov is interested in a nostalgic art that just looks to the past – although there are anti-modernist elements in his vision – but he tries to build a magical fourth dimension in which everyone can project ideas, feelings and moods.

Venice is the beauty where you can screen your dreams! Now you can put into practice the plan: paint it, picture it, hold its secret and essence, get lost on it. Like Ivan Karamazov in Dostoevsky’s last work, you don’t need just a Euclidean mind to solve your problems. There’s a need to open to new dimensions.

Revazov’s personal research on the fourth dimension – so important in his photographic works where infrared films, multiple exposures, different temporalities and tesseracts are merged – focuses here on the visions from Venetian windows.

And the inquiry becomes simple and natural. The artist is thus able to produce an object that contains notions of beauty and magic. A device that everyone can carry home, immerse himself in the contemplation of the wonderful Venetian corners or increase the prospect of their walls with a new dimension of photographic craftsmanship.

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