Over the past five years, the artist Arsen Revazov has been working on several photographic projects based on Venice. This exhibition brings together seven images that are part of the collections One by Two (2012) and Italy Fourth Dimension (2014).

From February 24 to July 24, AD Place will host this singular series of shots.

Photographing Venice is a difficult and complicated art. Work and projects about this city are so overwhelming that every new attempt can become banal or a tourist postcard.

In this context, Revazov’s work is distinguished by a substantial originality of vision and technique.

In recent times, the Russian artist has been researching the fourth dimension through infrared film photography. This hidden dimension is shown through an old technique, that of double exposure. With this technique, known since the nineteenth century, you need to make two shots on the same negative and combine them in a way to have a unique and original vision.

So you can enjoy classical visions of Venice as the Piazza San Marco (Changes in Consciousness), the palace of the Doge (Doge’s Palace from the Fourth Dimension) or Ca ‘d’Oro (Beautiful and Cheerful Ca’d’Oro) in a new dramatic dimension.

The double exposure technique allows to increase the symbolic weight of his photos, charging them with double meanings. The double is a specific feature of the lagoon, where every image is augmented by the reflection of the water where it’s mirrored.

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